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May 14, 2021

Following the Creative Spirit is a podcast for dreamers, makers, artists and creative business owners who want to cultivate a meaningful creative practice, follow their passions and build a thriving business. It’s a place to celebrate creativity, share inspirational stories and plenty of encouragement and advice on running a creative business. 

And there's a new season is coming later this month. 

I’ve lined up a really interesting collection of guest episodes on self-care and creating a healthy work-life balance, on overcoming imposter syndrome and self-doubt, and about authentically marketing your business and finding your purpose.

There are also solo episodes from me with tips about branding your creative business, we go back to basics and talk about what a brand actually is, there’s an episode on brand archetypes and about overcoming creative anxiety and lots more.

The first episode of Season Two will be available on Wed 26th may so make sure you subscribe to be the first to hear about it. And follow me on Instagram @me.and.spirit for more updates.